JMAI (Jurnal Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence) 2020-04-01T05:00:05+00:00 Arita Witanti Open Journal Systems <h3>JMAI atau Jurnal Multimedia and Artificial Intelligent mengundang peneliti untuk mempublikasikan hasil karya penelitiannya. JMAI mengundang tulisan dengan fokus tema 5 bidang :</h3> <p>1. Artificial Intelligent dan implementasinya</p> <p>2. Computer vision and pattern recognition</p> <p>3. Multimedia</p> <p>4. Expert system</p> <p>5. Big Data and Data analysis</p> <p>Paper yang disubmit ditulis dalam bahasa indonesia dan abstrak dua bahasa inggris dan indonesia serta melalui proses review minimal 1 nasional reviewer.</p> <p>Terbit setiap Februari dan Agustus</p> Sistem Pakar Diagnosa Penyakit Infeksi Saluran Pernafasan Akut Pada Anak Menggunakan Teorema Bayes 2020-04-01T05:00:05+00:00 Bangkit Sasangka Arita Witanti <p>Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) is the main cause of morbidity and morality of infectious diseases in children. ARI mainly occurs in countries with low and middle income per capita including Indonesia. At present there are still many parents who do not know about diseases, especially ARI, that afflict their baby.</p> <p>In this study, the Bayes Theorem method was used. Bayes theorem is the theorem used in statistics to calculate the probability of a hypothesis. For the variables used in the calculation, 17 symptoms and 4 diseases as well as symptom weights for each disease.</p> <p>Based on 30 data that have been tested against experts and systems, the system can detect 4 diseases, namely influenza like common, bronchitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. for patients suffering from ARI and according to the doctor's validation there were 25 patients and those who did not match were 5 patients. Based on the results of expert validation (doctors) and the system, an accuracy of 83.33% of the corresponding case data was obtained.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>: <em>ARI, Children, Bayes Theorem.</em></p> 2019-09-02T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Penerapan Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) Dengan Metode Mamdani Pada Sistem Prediksi Penjualan Laptop 2020-04-01T05:00:01+00:00 Herwin Syah <p>The high purchase of laptops makes the sellers or laptop shops increase their laptop stock. A store prior to marketing a product must plan and predict the results of sales or in other words, sales management must be properly analyzed so that the sales results obtained are also in line with expectations. The number of competitors in sales is a challenge that must be passed by all stores or product sellers. laptops also have different quality, specifications and capabilities that can affect sales to buyers. The seller must be careful in determining the brand laptops and specifications that are in great demand by consumers. This research is aimed at applying fuzzy logic with the mamdani method in concluding quickly to determine the brands and specifications of how we should sell to consumers who have good sales. The results of the application of mamdani's fuzzy logic method (FIS), that sales of laptops are seen from the value of the brand, price, specifications and warranty period can be done. And can determine the laptop with categories such as what are selling well enough.</p> 2019-09-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Identifikasi Citra Susu Formula Dengan Learning Vector Quantization Untuk Mengenali Susu Basi 2020-04-01T04:59:57+00:00 Yulisda Nandasari <p>Milk is the main source of proteinin infants because it has a high nutritional value. At this time there is a change in consumption habits of people who used to consume breast milk now shifting to formula milk. The switch to consumption of formula milk is because it is easy to serve and can be given to toddlers in public places.Formula milk that has been made has a certain time to be consumed, some people are complacent whether the formula milk that is made is still suitable for consumption or already stale.In plain view, stale milk can be sensually observed through vision, so that stale milk images can be analyzed and identified using digital image processing and artificial neural networks.The purpose of this study was to develop an algorithm to identify expired formula milk, using Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) with a color approach. In the training process, the best performance was 97.77%,for first grade (freshly made milk) 100% , second class (formula milk left for one and a half hours) 96.66% and third grade (stale formula milk) 96.66 % and third grade (stale formula milk) 96.66 % ie at α 0,001 with dec α 0,9. The final weight of the training was used in the introduction of 60 test data with the highest cumulative performance of 97.77%.</p> 2019-09-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Pemilihan Kualitas Songkok Berdasarkan Bahan Baku Menggunakan Metode Naïve Bayes 2020-04-01T04:59:59+00:00 Mochamad Ainun Rozaq Nur Nafi'iyah Masruroh Masruroh <p>In determining the quality of skullcap with criteria including boss-bored, velvet, inner layers, layers of cloth. And there are several types of quality, namely super, premium, standard and low. The purpose of making a skullcap quality Determination system is to be able to help the production department in the production of skullcaps and marketing. Because if the process of determining the production is done using human labor, it is susceptible to fatigue and doubt because of the limitations of human capability. To reduce the obstacles that occur needed a desktop-based system that can help determine the quality of skull cap. The purpose of this research is to develop a decision support application system to determine the quality of songkok and how to determine the quality of songkok by using the naïve bayes method. The data used in this study were 300 training dataset lines and 54 testing dataset with 74,5% accuracy.</p> 2019-09-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Pakar Diagnosa Fobia Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor 2020-04-01T05:00:02+00:00 Gita Prastianingrum Agus Sidiq Purnomo <p>Someone who reacts with extreme fear in a stimulus or situation which according to most others is not very dangerous, is called a person who has a phobia. As parents we should be vigilant about the symptoms of this phobia from an early age and be able to work on how to handle it appropriately. Given this, in this study an application will be made to be able to identify someone have a phobia or not.</p> <p>Observation will be done through questionnaire. With each answer will have value for the symptoms of the phobia. The first stage is data collection. From 45 respondents, questionnaire data were obtained which were then processed with statistics through the system. The method used in this system is Certainty Factor.</p> <p>This application uses 45 data. Test effectiveness reaches results where expert test results with system test results are the same. With a percentage of 10% for patients who do not have phobias, 40% for mild risk levels, 47% for moderate risk levels, and 9% for severe risk levels. It is hoped that this research can be refined and developed as well as helping to make the application for phobia handling consultation to the entire community free of charge.</p> 2019-09-03T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##